Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vector fun - Illustrator mesh tool + Photography

I decided to create a Samsung Galaxy S3 in vector format, for a small project I'm working on. So I decided to share the illustration. The shots on the screen I took in the weekend as well.

The phones are 100% vector made in Adobe Illustrator.

Tags: Vector, Samsung, Galaxy S3, Illustrator, Smartphone, 3G, 4G, mesh tool


Bilal Badri said...

Looking Awesome!

Can you provide a link to where I can download a GSIII vector?


Mike Mackinven said...

Thanks :)

You can download the file here:

TheSecretCode said...

thanks man.

conor otoole said...

Hey, looks great, the link to the vector is broken though, can you post a new link? Thanks